The Best Real Money Saving Tips You Can Get!

When to Downsize Your Home – This Could Be You!

So many Americans have houses or pay rent that they really can’t afford. It’s not their fault. Americans really don’t know when to downsize your home. Sometimes downsizing isn’t an option for these Americans. Research by Harvard University shows that over 40 million Americans can’t afford their own home. Additionally, an alarming 40% of Americans …

25 Way Americans Can Save More Money

  We Americans love spending money. But today’s society makes it so easy to waste our money. “We deliver straight to your door” “That’s the 2018 model. You need the 2019 model!” “ Get $10 off your purchase of $150 dollars or more! To quit overspending, check out the 25 ways Americans are wasting money. …

In a Car Accident? Ask For Depreciated Value!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This is a quick tip that can save you a ton of money! If you were in a car accident, your insurance company is not giving you what you deserve. What insurance companies don’t tell you about is depreciated value. So what is depreciated value?

Get Freebies and Easy Cash! – InboxDollars and Freebies!

The internet is full of great resources where we can find the best deals. Sometimes these deals are absolutely free! I’m going to show you some great resources that you can get some free samples and free money as well. Can’t complain about the price of free right? And don’t worry, you don’t need a …

Why Saving Money is Important and How You Can Save Better

People tell you all the time, “You have to save money, it’s important. But almost nobody tells you why saving money is important. Or they may just give you a general answer. Well if you want to find out more on why saving money is important, you’ve come to the right place. Additionally, I will …

Don’t Get a Payday Loan! – Best Alternatives to Payday Loans

  Payday loan companies are some of the most unethical companies that exist. Nobody walks into a payday loan store and they are financially stable. These payday loan stores take money from those who need it the most. Good thing there are some good alternatives to payday loans out there.

101 Money Saving Tips for College Students – Money Hacks!

College has been described as “the best time of out lives.” Surprisingly, you don’t hear many people describe college as one of the most stressful and poor times of our lives. But there are things we can do to save money in college. I have made 101 money saving tips for college students for just …

101 Ways to Save on Electronics – Money Hacks!

We all use electronics and they are all expensive. What really irks me is the advice many bloggers give on spending habits. Especially spending habits on electronics. But with so many electronic brands and devices out there, it’s hard to pinpoint how to save on electronics. Well this is why you need 101 money saving …

Money Saving Tips – Extreme Ways to Save Money! – 100% Real!

Have you ever wondered how far some people go to save money? And If you think you know a lot about frugal living, think again. There are some extreme ways to save money that people practice routinely. And I put all of these extreme ways to save money on lists for you.