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Save Money Buying these Non-Perishable Food Items!

Do you know what food is non-perishable? Did you also know you could save more money by simply having non-perishable foods in the house?

Yes it’s true! Just keep more non-perishable food in your home and you will save more money.

Why is this?

When consumers have more non-perishable food items available, they are less likely to purchase perishable food. Having more perishable food items mean that consumers are more likely to, well, not consume those items. Perishable food often meets meats its maker and has to be thrown away.

Simply put: we save more money by buying non-perishable food. It won’t perish, so these foods will stay edible for a very long time. But what are these non-perishable food items? And know that not everything non-perishable comes in a can…  And vice versa!

Save Money Buying These Non-Perishable Food Items

Honeyhoney will save you money

When you think of non-perishable food items, honey almost always is the first food that comes to mind. This sweet and sticky condiment can make almost anything better. From natures bee, to your belly. These are some creative things you can do with honey.

Peanut Butterpeanut butter saves money with non-perishable item

Peanut butter and I have a special connection. One of the best things about peanut butter is that you can put it on almost anything too. Honey and peanut butter together though….. be right back.

Pancakesyou need pancakes to save money

Pancake mix is a non-perishable as well. Pancakes are always good. Day or night. A snack or meal.

And don’t forget about the trusty waffle! Waffles are a little superior in my opinion though. Just saying. And you can put peanut butter and honey on waffles and pancakes.

Puddingnon-perishable food item pudding

This non-perishable food will not go well with the others. But it’s delicious none the less. Make sure the pudding is the powdered version though!

The refrigerated pudding stays good to eat for a longer than expected time, but it’s not non-perishable. Fortunately the powdered pudding is just as good!

Applesaucethis non-perishable item is applesauce

Applesauce is a great for you and kids love it! Make sure to stock up if you got little ones.

Pastapasta is a non-perishable item

Think about all the bread we waste. Bread spoils so quick and it’s not the easiest food to freeze too.

Well have you forgot about your friend pasta over here?

Come on, who doesn’t love pasta. Pasta makes the world go ’round. Spaghetti, ravioli, rigatoni, elbow, bowtie, etc. etc. It’s all good! Maybe one the food there is and it’s non-perishable!

Dried Fruitsdried fruit non-perishable item with woman

Hey don’t bash dried fruits now. Dried strawberries, pineapples, and raspberries are a very tasty and healthy snack. If it’s been awhile sense you tried dried fruit in awhile, try it again. It’s really good!

Riceeating a rice dish

As the great Mitch Hedberg once said, “Rice is great if you’re really hungry and want to eat two thousand of something.” And you can make like a million meals with rice.

Beansfood that never goes bad

Beans may or may not be the most tasty or exciting non-perishable food item on this list. But they sure can be tasty! Lima, pinto, and green beans are easy side items that you can make with a lot of different meals.

Beef Jerkybeef jerky stays good forever

Unsurprisingly beef jerky is essentially non-perishable. It’s one of the oldest man-made non-perishable food items ever made too!

Canned Tunathis food is cheap

Hey now. Don’t dismiss a good tuna fish sandwich now! You may want to skip from bringing this to work. Your office staff may hate you.

Canned Soupssoup is non-perishable food

Have you seen soup isles at grocery stores. There are so many different kinds of soups! So if you don’t like one kind or brand, maybe try another one?

Then again, you may just not be a soup person.

Olive Oilsaving money with olive oil

One of the healthier oils out there is a non-perishable food item? Hey, I never said it was “healthy” per-se. But then again, i’m not a food/nutrition website either. I’m just helping folks save money.

Powdered Milkmilk is a non-perishable item

Ok think about it. How many times does a recipe require milk and you’re all out. Yup that’s right. Just keep some of this stuff and you’ll be back in the races in no time.

It’s not the tastiest non-perishable item on this list, but it will save you money by having to purchase milk at the corner store!

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