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Free Certifications for Resumes. Land the Job

free resume certificatesIn today’s job market, finding a job is hard. Especially he good ones. That is why your resume is has to be better than your competition. omething as simple as completing free certifications for your resume will make you stand out.

The certifications section of a resume is still highly used today, if not expected for your resume. You may already have certifications for your resume. You may have no certifications for your resume (that was me for a while). Well now you have no excuse not to have any! Get certified with any of these free, quick, and easy certifications.

Free Certifications for Resumes

These are free certifications to use to make your resume look more impressive. There are also many other instances to where certifications are needed. And some are not just to impress. Even if you retired, getting certified in some of these courses and organizations will bring value and skill

All of the certifications below are free:

Google Adwords and Google Analytics

These are two fantastic certifications to get for your resume. It shows you have certified knowledge in analytics and market research, digital marketing, and Google products. These are great for every resume!


Disasters and emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. Not only does a FEMA certification look impressive, it’s useful for every business.

Ordained minister

Wait, huh? Yes you can legally officiate a wedding and have the cool title of being an”ordained minister.” Conan and The Rock are ordained with the same church. Why don’t you? It’s free!

Hubspot Inbound Marketing 


Learn to code for free from codingcademy. This website is commonly used, highly respected, and a valuable resource for years to come.

SQL Certification

Related to the above certification is this SQL certification. If you are going to learn how to code, a skill that is imperative to know is on SQL.

Furthermore, I also have gained an abundance of coding information from this website. I highly recommend w3school.


Over the last few years, Salesforce (a customer relationship management system, or CRM system) has taken the world by force…… Sales-force. Salesforce is

Although this certification takes a good bit of time to complete, it would look really impressive on a resume.

Google Digital Garage

Do you want companies to know that your are knowledgeable in everything Google? Good Digital Garage tests your knowledge on all of Google’s products. Get your free certification now!

Twitter Flight School

Twitter flight school shows employers you know how to advertise on Twitter. Advertising on digital platforms is becoming very popular and is a growing trend in today’s businesses. Having this knowledge would impress those trying to make more of an online presence. Or they are wanting someone to take command or take over someone else’s position. Either way, this free certification for resumes will surely impress.

Excel for Finance

If you have a finance degree or are working a finance related position, this certification is just right for you. Excel is an extremely popular software program that financers use on a daily basis. Having this certification speaks for itself in the eyes of your employers.

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