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25 Way Americans Can Save More Money


Americans Save More MoneyWe Americans love spending money. But today’s society makes it so easy to waste our money.

“We deliver straight to your door”

“That’s the 2018 model. You need the 2019 model!”

“ Get $10 off your purchase of $150 dollars or more!

To quit overspending, check out the 25 ways Americans are wasting money.

Save on Going Out

  1. Stop eating out so much! On fast food alone, approximately 1/3 of Americans eat fast food every day.
  2. Drinking alcohol at home is much cheaper than wasting your money at a bar, club, or even restaurant.
  3. There are tons of economical ways to have fun! Consider going on a nature walk, picnic, to the beach, bowling alley, or a museum.

Save on Housing

  1. If you rent your house or apartment, you are wasting your money. Start saving your money to buy property. Note: Purchasing property is investing! You can’t sell your apartment when you leave.
  2. Research heavily before renting or buying.
  • When renting: Don’t pay more for amenities or utilities you will rarely to never use.
  • When buying: Make sure that your property has a good resale value
  1. If your home isn’t properly insulated, your electric bill could be thousands of dollars more a year.

Save on Transportation

  1. New cars are nice, but new cars depreciate much faster than used cars.
  2. Riding bicycles as a mean of transportation is extremely underrated. Think about how much you could save on maintenance, gas, and depreciation.
  3. Ask yourself if you really need a car. Take advantages of trams, buses, and subways in cities with reliable transportation.

Save on Clothes

  1. Nobody cares what brand of clothes you own. Thrift stores are full of hidden gems. Go on a treasure hunt and find them!
  2. Subscription services for clothes will leave you broke! These services entice consumers to purchase overly expensive clothes.
  3. Some retailers that sell cheap clothes include TJ Maxx, Ross, GAP, and Plato’s Closet

Save on Electronics

  1. You don’t need the new iPhone or Galaxy right when it comes out. Wait at least a month and it will be at least $100 dollars cheaper.
  2. Look into buying refurbished laptops, tablets, speakers, and other electronics. Please make sure you can either return the item in case the refurbished electronic does not work properly.
  3. Black Friday deals can save you a lot of money! Be sure to watch out for other holiday deals on Memorial Day, Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day

Save on Medicine

  1. If you are not using generic prescriptions, switch over now! Generic prescriptions have the exact same ingredients and are much cheaper.
  2. Ask your doctor for free samples. Most doctor offices have a variety of free samples for the medication/s you take. They won’t mind giving you some!
  3. Different pharmacies charge differently for the same medication. Shop around at different pharmacies to see which one has the cheapest prices for your medications.

Save on Banking

  1. If your bank account has a 0% interest rate, go to another bank! The federal increase of interest rates means that banks can make more money, but so can you. Right now, a few banks with great interest rates include American Express (Amex), Barclays, Ally, and Goldman Sachs.
  2. If you have self-control with not wasting money, change your debt cards for credit cards! Credit cards can boost your credit score. Not to mention you will receive great benefits with the rewards you receive. Your credit card points can be put towards free hotels and airfare!
  3. To prevent overdraft fees, always have some money in your savings account.

Save on Loans

  1. First and foremost, never get a payday loan! Payday loans have some of the highest interest rates with an average APR of 400%.
  2. The best kinds of loans are unsecured loans. Unsecured loans do not require any collateral in advanced. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing your house/car if you can’t pay back your loan.
  3. Go to your local bank and ask what kind of loans they offer. Please visit a financial advisor if you have any questions through this process.

Save on Budgeting

  1. To fully understand where you’re money is going, make a budget! Budgeting is so important because you will fully be able to know what you’re spending money on, how much you are spending, and where you can spend less money.


  1. Abigail @ipickuppennies

    Inre: saving on medication, also check out It’s a free service that may have a lower copay than your insurance. I have three meds that are outrageously priced copay-wise through insurance. I’m able to save $40-50 on each one by going through

    • gurualex

      Thank you for the tip! I checked it out myself and I got coupons emailed to me for my medication. I really appreciate the input!

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