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How Donald Trump Saves Money – Trump’s Saving Habits

how donald trump saves moneyDonald Trump’s wealth is HUGE. His net worth accounts for trillions. Trillions!   

Okay, all Donald Trump jokes aside, Trump is worth a lot of money. Forbes estimates Trump’s net worth at 3.1 billion dollars. But his influence on the world’s population stretches even farther than his bank account.

Donald Trump is known for being a real estate mogul, U.S. President, multi-billionaire, TV host, and for having an extravagant lifestyle. You could say Trump is a big deal.

What if someone told you Donald Trump saves money? Would that be kind of crazy to hear?

Simply put, he does. Even billionaires like Donald Trump have to worry about their finances. And saving money is one of the best things anyone can do to stay out of debt.

So how does Donald Trump his save money?

How Donald Trump Saves Money

Trump Eats Fast Food

Eating out can eat at your bank account. Eating at home is the best practice for saving money. But when billionaires eat out, dining bills can get extreme. Items like champagne, caviar, and filet mignon are common for many billionaires.

What About Donald Trump?

Trump loves fast food. Trump frequents restaurants like KFC, Dominos, and his favorite, McDonald’s. Donald Trump’s favorite things to get at McDonald’s is the Filet-O-Fish and the Big Mac.

As eating out goes, fast food is your best bet in terms of price and discounts. Fast food restaurants are always promoting some sort of discount.

For busy billionaires like Trump, he doesn’t have the time to cook his meals. Furthermore, getting fast food is the best option for saving money when eating out. Especially when Trump can easily spend thousands of dollars on one meal and not think twice about it.

Trump Doesn’t Drink Alchol

Americans spent 72 billion dollars on alcohol in 2017. However, Donald Trump does not seem to be a part of that statistic. Donald Trump has stated many times that he has never consumed alcohol.

This has unknowingly saved Trump thousands of dollars.

Could you imagine how Trump would act while drunk at a bar?

Personal Finance Books and Donald Trump

Everybody has different experiences and has different tips for certain situations. Why personal finance is so hard is because there are millions of things you can spend your money on.

Most of the time, you just need a little help and motivation. Personal finance books and blogs will give you potentially life-changing ideas and motivation for saving money. Reading personal finance books/blogs will help you out!

Donald Trump seems to agree as well. Trump has stated he has read personal finance books. For example, he stated he read Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom, by Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon K. Lechter.

With every idea comes different circumstances. Make sure to take every tip as opinion, not fact. What works for other people, may not work for you.

Trump Budgets His Money Too

Budgeting is the best way to accommodate for future expenses. Personal finance budgets give a person a plan on what their money should go towards.

The hardest part of making a personal budget is sticking to it. With most cases, budgets require lifestyle changes.

Before his presidency, Donald Trump even had a budget for personal finances. He had other people to make and advise him on his spending though.

But you do not need other people to make and advise a budget! Check out this guide on how to easily make a budget.

Trump Gets Free Items All The Time

Trump claims that he does not carry a wallet on him. Instead, he claims to carry two phones with him, an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy.
How does Trump get away with this?
Trump stated this on Piers Morgan Live.

Mind you this was before his presidency.

“I have very little cash on me,” Trump stated. “I like to keep it that way. You know it’s very sad. I go to a restaurant and almost every time they say, ‘Mr. Trump, it’s on me,’ the owner: ‘Mr. Trump, it’s on me, no charge, Mr. Trump,’ no I never need cash.”

Not many people have this luxury in their lives though.

But if we save our money well enough, we may not have to need free handouts.

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