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Best Free Money Saving Apps for 2019 – Free Saving Apps

free money saving apps

If you aren’t saving money by using apps, you’re missing out. Why not right? Money saving apps are easy and they will save you money! (Not Quite)

A lot of money saving apps are scams or don’t work in the first place. And most of the paid (unaccredited) apps won’t save you at all. You will end up LOSING money and them gaining your money.

All of these apps on this list are highly reviewed and already established. And the best part is, they are all FREE! Let’s get started with The Best Money Saving Apps for 2019!

52 Weeks Money Challenge – Andriod

  • This app is for Andriod and Galizer does not recommend using an alternative version for Apple devices. Apple device user can still participate. Keep reading to find out.

The 52 Weeks Money Challenge works by saving augmented amounts of money each week. So the first week you save $1. The next week you put away $2, then $3, 4$, and all the way to $52 (at the 52nd week).

Not only is it fun, but when completed, you will have saved $1,378!

Apple users can participate too! Set 2 phone alarms every week for the whole year. One reminder will be in the middle of the week. Preferably the day of the week you get paid. The 2nd alarm will remind you to put your money in your savings account.

You can also participate by using a 52 Weeks Money Challenge print out. Here is one 52 Weeks Money Challenge print out you can use.

Everybody should participate in the 52 Weeks Money Challenge!


Ibotta is a fantastic free app that works on many different products. This rebate app promotes Ibotta has saved its users a half a billion dollars!

What you do is go shopping at one of Ibotta’s participating stores. Then after you go shopping, take a picture of your receipt. Ibotta finds offers on specific items you have purchased and adds the savings to your account.

To get the most savings, add offers before you go shopping. This allows users to be eligible on even more items!

Ibotta is great because they do all the work for you!

Users can choose to get rewards such as gift cards with their savings. Users can also get the money straight to their PayPal account.

Ibotta is a great free tool that everybody should also use.


Acorn is a free app that keeps up with your daily purchases and invests your money into a diversified portfolio or ETFs. If you don’t have knowledge of stocks, it’s okay! Acorns does everything for you.

Acorns has a “roundup” system. Their roundup system monitors your purchases and invests your spare change into your portfolio.

You won’t miss that spare change at all. You will feel accomplished as your change is growing into more money every day.


Mint, by intuit (the same company that made turbo tax), offers a free saving and budgeting app. This app has everything from tracking all of your expenses, making a budget, and you can even see your current credit score.

Mint is easy to use and not to mention it’s free!

There is another article about Mint in an earlier post on Galizer here.

Gas Buddy

Gas buddy is an interactive gas station app. What Gas Buddy does is search all the gas stations around your current location. Gas Buddy then tells you where the cheapest gas is around you.

This app is great for when users travel long distances.

Gas Buddy relies on its users to publish gas station’s gas prices. If a user enters in a gas price, he/she has a chance of winning free gas! The more gas prices he/she inputs, the better chance they have. App has an easy app everyone should download. This app is mostly for grocery stores, but other stores are available too.

These electronic coupons are available 24/7 on your phone. You just pick out which ones you want in-store or at home.

If you add coupons onto your store loyalty card, they will be already there at check out.


Chime is a mobile banking app available for IOS and Andriod. This app tracks your credit card, debit card, and even cash usage. Just deposit your paychecks into Chime and you’re good to go.

This app is FDIC secure so don’t worry!

The savings account option will deposit 10% of your check into a personal savings account. Then sit back and watch your savings grow. If you have a hard time saving money, why not let an app do it for you!

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