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Things You Should NOT Buy Cheap – What to NOT Buy Cheap!

not buy cheapSaving money is a part of life here at Galizer. But can you believe there are times when you should not buy cheap? It hurts to say, but there are times when you should not worry about prices. So when should I not be cheap and buy full price?

Things You Should NOT Buy Cheap

Don’t Buy Cheap LapTops/PCs-

Cheap laptops and PCs are not a good idea. Buying name brand laptops and PCs will save you a ton of money down the road. One of the reasons why has to do with the market.

The market for laptops and PCs is very competitive. Name brand companies like HP, ASUS, and Samsung are battling against each other and everyone else. These companies are already cutting costs but still keeping a quality product.

Cheap laptops and PCs cut costs by producing bad products.

A cheap laptop/PC can be buggy or break in a week. Nobody wants a slow, virus ridden, PC they need for work. If it breaks or performs horribly, you are going to need another one. This puts you in the same place as where you started.

That being said, you should buy a new, quality brand, laptop/PC.

Never Buy Cheap Cars-

Cheap Cars are notorious for having high maintenance. Car parts are not cheap and many times are worth more than the car themselves.

Not to mention, your car may break down at any time. Please do not get stranded in the middle of nowhere at night. Nobody wants that.

Especially use caution if the car is less than $1000.

Smartasset recommends you should not pay more than 15% of your monthly income on your car.

Cheap Chargers Are The Worst-

Don’t buy cheap chargers. If you see a phone charger for $4 on eBay, there’s a reason it’s $4.

Cheap chargers break really quickly. Some don’t even work the second you try to use them.

You don’t have to buy another stock charger. There are some great off-brand chargers out there.

Check out for good reviews on chargers.

Bad Insurance Coverage Can Cost You

The cheapest insurance plan or company is a bad idea. When an unseen event happens, it could bankrupt you. And that’s the thing too, you never know.

It sucks America does not have free healthcare. We have to accept it and prepare ourselves.

Please know how much your insurance company will insure you for. Furthermore, you want to know what they cover too.

Don’t Buy Cheap Toilet Paper

Now you don’t have to buy quality toilet paper. But cheap toilet paper is so uncomfortable.

Many people don’t realize they use more sheets of cheap toilet paper than quality toilet paper. This is because people bunch up cheaper toilet paper more with each use.

There is also a higher risk of health problems caused by cheap toilet paper

You don’t save as much money on toilet paper as you may think.

Don’t Buy Cheap Headphones and Earphones

Cheap headphones don’t sound nearly as good as regular headphones. They break easily. And you are more likely to lose them.

People tend to buy headphones over and over again because of these problems.

But if you bought one quality pair, you would save just as much money. The headphones will sound better and they are way more comfortable on your head/in your ears.

Buy one quality pair of earphones. Then you wouldn’t have to buy a cheap pair 10 times.

Don’t Buy Cheap Batteries

Cheap batteries are TERRIBLE. And if you think the cheap brands are brands like Sunbeam, think cheaper. Sunbeam is actually not a bad brand of batteries.

What you should be doing is getting rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries can be charged and used again.

There is more info on rechargeable batteries in my earlier article here.

Don’t Buy Cheap Piercings and Tattoos

Do not ever get really cheap or free piercings or tattoos. You should only receive tattoos and piercings from professionals. Your body and atmosphere also must be clean and sterile.

Cheap piercings and tattoos have a higher chance of giving you infections or diseases. Even viruses like HIV can be transferred from needles.

Ear piercings can even leave you paralyzed! And nobody likes the look of bad tattoos. Especially since they are permanent.

Always, always, always get professionals to give you piercings and tattoos!

Else else should you not buy cheap?

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