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eBay Review! – Should I Use eBay? Pros and Cons

ebay review is auction website founded in 1995 in San Jose, California. It is one of the remaining few big websites that survived the .com boom. As an auction website, it has a ton of good deals on everything. Everything from clothes to cars can be bought on But buyers must use caution. since it has changed dramatically through its lifespan. Should I use eBay? This eBay review is comprised of both buying and selling on eBay.

eBay Review

eBay Review: Credibility ⭐️⭐️

eBay’s credibility has suffered over the years. eBay gets a lot of their most popular sellers from smaller/less established websites. That’s okay though. Smaller websites need support and a way for people to see their content. But with small merchandise websites, customers have no idea where their products are coming from. These websites can sell broken, stolen, fake, or post items that don’t exist. There is no requirement to prove to eBay or the sellers that the product is real and as advertised.

Customers have to go out on a whim and trust eBay and the seller. Buyers try to purchase from sellers that have “reviews” on their website. There are a plethora of fake reviews on eBay’s website. Check it out for yourself. Google fake eBay reviews and see what pops up. These fake reviews pump up the seller’s score to make them seem like they are a good seller. If a seller has a lot of reviews, it may be hard to spot a fake eBay review.

eBay Review: Reliability ⭐️⭐️⭐️

eBay cares mostly about their customers, not sellers. Since anybody can sell products on eBay, eBay tries to protect the buyers. When a seller sends a package to the buyer, there is a specific tracking label that eBay can track. This way eBay knows if a package gets sent out. It is then tracked through the delivery company like USPS or UPS.

The package tracking system is pretty good for knowing if a customer received a package or not. If the buyer didn’t get the package, the buyer is entitled to a refund either through the seller or eBay themselves. The problem with eBay’s system is that the seller can put anything inside the box. Say you bought an iPhone X from eBay and the package arrives at your house. You open the box expecting a brand new iPhone and instead there is a pile of sticks.

The buyer never knows exactly what they are going to find when they open the package. If the seller from the example reports the issue to eBay, eBay doesn’t know if the seller actually sent a pile of sticks or the buyer is lying. eBay then goes off of a judgment call. Most of the cases are rewarded in the buyer’s favor. This would be really bad for the seller if it was the other way around.

Say the item was broken or damaged when you received it. The seller says it wasn’t damaged when he/she sent it off, it must have been UPS. UPS says that the package was not damaged and it was the seller. eBay also takes into account that maybe the buyer broke the item or are lying about it. eBay has to make the decision who is in fault and a lot of times they get it wrong.

To sum things up, customers will USUALLY get what they paid for. But customers really don’t know what is going to be in their packages. There is no shipping guarantee and customers don’t know if they will be refunded if a problem exists. There are a lot of factors to consider if you decide to buy off eBay.

eBay Review: Prices ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

eBay has some of the best prices on the internet! With online retailers that sell products on their websites, eBay will most likely have it at a discounted price. And eBay sells almost everything too, so you can find a lot of stuff on there. You can get items even cheaper if they are used or refurbished.

eBay Review: Quality ⭐️⭐️

The overall quality of eBay items is not good. Customers should always be extra careful when buying used items. Too many times have customers complained about the quality. Majority of big sellers have these complaints. Many times people sell items that are damaged because they are unwanted. Or eBay is one of the only places you can get away with selling these items.

Be extremely careful when buying used products! Even “new” items have issues.

eBay Review: Selling on eBay ⭐️⭐️

It’s not that you should never sell on eBay, it’s that you should really look for other options. Selling on eBay is an easy experience though. Post your pictures, add a title and description, and you’re done. But eBay has raised their fees for sellers on their website by a lot. eBay takes 8% (8.75% for auction listings) of the final sale of your product. For items that sell for more than $50, eBay takes an additional 4% off of that amount as well. Don’t forget about the listing and insertion fees.

If the buyer doesn’t receive the package or lies about what they received or the quality they received it in, the seller is most likely liable.

Sellers also have to compete with the low prices from other sellers as well.

eBay uses PayPal for a majority of their transactions. If you are a new seller, you have to wait until 21 days to receive payment after selling your first item. This may be fast-tracked if the seller leaves feedback on your item. Or if it is 3 days after the item was delivered. You better hope for one of the two.

eBay Review: Closing Statement

eBay has lost their reputation for being a quality business. eBay offers products that are scams and allows those people to sell on their website. eBay needs more protection for both sellers and buyers.

For eBay’s legitimate products, there is no guarantee in what is being shipped, who is shipping it, and if the product was delivered or not.

If a problem occurs, eBay guesses what really happened. Too many times have sellers and buyers got scammed out of their money.

There is no telling what might happen if you do business with Even though you can save money by buying cheap products, sometimes you lose money by being scammed.










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