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What are Rebates? – Where Can I Find Rebates?

what are rebates

What Are Rebates?

What are rebates: A rebate, ( in marketing), is a refund or a return of funds that has already been purchased. For example, a woman buys a tablet for $100. The retailer offers the woman a rebate at the cash register for $15 dollars. The retailer worker says if she mails in her receipt, she will receive her rebate for $15. The woman goes home, mails the receipt to the tablet’s company, and receives her check for $15 a week later.

This type of rebate is called a mail-in rebate. Mail-in rebates are the most common type of rebate. All rebates require different requirements, payments, and policies. Some may offer 20% money back on your purchase while others may just offer 2%. You may need to fill in applications, questionnaires, or a coupon. All rebates are different so make sure you know all the requirements beforehand.

Which Items Have Rebates? 

Pretty much every retail item eligible for a rebate! Rebates may be found with cereal, paper, cars, box cutters and much more. A company must offer a rebate before it is available. Rebates often change with availability over time. Make sure the item has a rebate and the rebate is still available before purchasing that item.

Are Rebates Worth The Time?

Sometimes companies offer rebates that are costly in time, energy, qualifications, and more. Companies may make rebates difficult to complete in order to maximize their profits. Rebates encourage more customers to buy their product. But after the customer buys the item, the process to receive the rebate may be difficult or impossible.

Try to find out what the rebate entails and if you qualify for the rebate before you buy!

Where Can I Find Rebates?

Rebates can be found in many places. Some examples where rebates can be found include manufacturer/company websites, store ads, on packing, and on most coupon websites or leaflets.

These are some websites that some rebates can be found at:

Appliances, Heating and Cooling Equipment, Office Equipment:


Retail Rebates by Brand:


If anybody still has any questions on what are rebates and where can I find rebates, please contact me personally or comment down below.


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