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How To Save On Medicine – Don’t Pay Regular Price!

how to save on medicine

Medicine is something that most of us can’t live without, literally! But to hear stories like how expensive EpiPens are ($650-$750 for a package!), it makes me wish we had free healthcare. We shouldn’t think we have to pay these prices though. There are some great ways to save on prescriptions and I’m giving you VIP access to them. I made a list for the best ways for how to save on medicine.

Go Generic

This is one of the easiest ways for saving on prescription medication. Generic medicine is the same medicine as the name brand but it has a different name. For example, Neurontin is the brand name for a drug called gabapentin. They are both the same drugs, just named differently. Although, sometimes people report different reactions to the generic versions of certain medications. These reports are rare though.

To do this, make sure your doctor has approved the generic version on your prescription/s. Many prescriptions are already accepted in generic form so you may need to just ask your pharmacist.


First off, I recommend to everyone that they should own medical insurance. If you are needing to save more, don’t cut costs on medical insurance. Insurance can easily save you thousands of dollars each year on prescriptions. So when thinking about how to save money on medicine, make sure you have the right plan for yourself.

If you do not have insurance, there are options out there for you. Medicaid is your first bet. There are also organizations and foundations out there that will pay for your prescriptions. Just because you cannot afford insurance, that doesn’t mean you have to pay full price for prescriptions.

Free Samples

Big pharmaceutical companies send out free samples to doctors all the time. This a way they market their products. It gets more people to try their medication.

Make sure you ask for free samples EVERYTIME you go. Most doctors don’t have a problem with giving out free samples more than once.


Just like your groceries, coupons can be found for most medications. Make sure to ask your doctor and pharmacist,  look online, or you can even email your prescription’s maker.

Different Pharmacies

A possibly more time-consuming way for how to save on medicine is to change pharmacies. Pharmacies charge different prices for medications based on insurance or payment plans. I got my medicine for half price just by changing pharmacies!


Nonetheless, make sure to ask both your doctor and pharmacist on how to get your drugs cheaper! This is your best shot for finding out how to save on prescriptions.



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