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How to Find Promo Codes – Top 5 Websites That Are Free

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Best websites to find discount codes

Promo codes have taken over most online retailers. It’s more uncommon to find an e-commerce store without an option for promo codes. If you don’t know, promo codes can be used as a discount for online purchases. Only if the website grants the option for promo codes though. Promo codes are usually sent out through emails, on social media, store’s website, there are secret promotions and more. With so many locations, where do you find promo codes?

Luckily, there are a ton of websites that I have used in the past. This is my list for the best websites that find promo codes for you:

Every header has a link to that website.

5  Groupon

Groupon’s main website is pretty useful at times. They have a ton of coupons for local stores. Many of these stores are big corporations, but others are small stores with is cool. I’ve bought from Groupon a few times myself in the past.

They do offer a section for online promo/discount codes. This is a newer addition to their website is not my favorite. Most of their codes they offer are not exclusive and already on the linked website. If the code is already available and visible on the website, why would I need to find other promo codes? Groupon also provides a lot of links that are broken or just don’t work.  Some even link back to the company’s website……. Really Groupon?

Overall it’s not that bad. Groupon should not be your first option to find promo codes.

4 is an immensely popular coupon sharing site. I highly recommend them for everybody’s everyday coupons like grocery shopping. There is actually a mention to in one of my earlier posts for saving money grocery shopping here. Now when it comes to the regular online retail store, you shouldn’t have this site as your #1 choice. The biggest reason why it just does not have many options to choose from. Both online shop options and the promo codes for those specific stores are hard to find.

Now the coupons they do list on their website are mostly legit. Therefore to find working promo codes on this website is near to none.

3  Retailmenot

Retailmenot is another one of the most popular discount code websites.  Retailmenot is also the most frustrating discount code website. You can usually find the most codes on Retailmenot out of any other website. But, most of those codes don’t work at all. I don’t think they ever worked in the first place.

Personally, I have stopped using this site because of this issue. Looking for promo codes can take a long time. Looking for pro codes take even longer on this site.

Overall an okay site.

These Are My Overall Top 2 Picks

2 was my go-to website to find discount codes for a while. Most of the promo codes that are available across all the web are available here. This website also verifies their popular codes to make sure they work. Slickdeals’ codes are ranked on popularity. And you can vote yourself if the promo code worked for you or not. There are a variety of codes to choose from as well.

Slickdeals’ discount codes do not always work. Also, I am skeptical of their verification system. I mostly go by their user rating but those are rare to find at times.

Overall, I really like I still use them today for my promo code needs.

1  Couponcabin is the best website for finding promo codes. Couponcabin stands apart from the others because of two main points. The main point is the codes. These discount codes are actually useful codes. What I mean by useful is the codes can’t be found on the seller’s website itself. Why would anybody need to google a promo code that is readily available on the front homepage of the seller’s site? The customer already has access to that code. These promo codes are discounts that visitors actually want.

My second point is reliability. Nothing is worse than trying discount code after discount code and none of them work. Couponcabin has coupons that work a majority of the time. That is really hard to find with these kinds of websites.

So there you have it. wins my award because it’s the most useful and reliable website to find promo codes.

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