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Spending a Lot at Bars? 5 Tricks to Lower Your Bar Tab

save at barsMany people think that bars are too expensive. Well, it’s because they are! Bars make a lot of money on drunk people and overpriced drinks. Going to a bar can make for a really fun night though. Too many people walk out of bars spending WAY more than they wanted to. Don’t worry, you can still bar-hop and save money doing it!

Top 5 tricks to save at a bar:

Pregame! Pregame! Pregame!

One of the oldest tricks to saving money going to bars is to pregame. Pregaming means you drink your own alcohol before going out to an event. This saves you from having to buy more drinks at the bar. Bars have no problem charging you for a drink that costs 5x more than it’s worth. Go to the grocery/liquor store and pregame before going out!

Know Your Limit

Plan out exactly how much money you want to spend. Do this BEFORE you go out. One good way to do this is to bring cash. It’s easy to keep charging money on a card, especially when you’ve been drinking. If you only have a card, set a price/drink limit. Telling the person going about your price limit will help. Let the bartender know if you have to.

Research Specials

Research discounts before you go out. This includes the happy hour! Sites like Google, Yelp, and the bar/restaurant’s website can tell you whether they have a discount/deal going on. You can call bars and ask too. If you don’t research, at least ask about what specials they have when you get there. That’s easy!

Communicate With Your Bartender

Don’t just ask for a rum and coke. Ask how much a rum and coke is, then decide if you want it. Some drinks are way more expensive then others. It’s important to ask your bartender about specials, what’s cheap, and what drink he/she would recommend for *#* dollars. You can also let them know you are only spending *#* much money.

Bartenders are your friends! If you treat them nice, they will treat you nice!

Buy Bulk!

If you are buying for others / are a big drinker, try to buy in bulk. For example, bars usually sell beer by pitchers. Buying a pitcher of beer is usually cheaper than buying beer by beer. Again, ask your bartender!


*Please tip your bartenders and drink responsibly. Bartenders live off your tips. I hope everyone enjoyed the article!









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