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This Will Fix 4 Common Mistakes That Increase Energy Bills

save money on electric bill

Ah, it’s the end of the month and our favorite letters come in the mail. Yes, bills. We could try living off the grid, but most of us enjoy our water, gas, internet, and of course electricity. When talking about the average utilities, Americans usually spend the most money per month on their electric bill. According to the U.S Department of Energy, The typical American family usually pays over 2,000 dollars per household every year!

All of that spending eats into our savings. I have composed a list of # tricks to help save on our energy bills.

Close Your Windows

If you or a person in your home keep their windows open, they should probably rethink that. Now, this is a situation of circumstance because keeping windows open may actually save money versus running the A/C. It all depends on how insulated your home is, what climate you live in, humidity, temperature, and so forth. It is estimated that 90% of homes in the U.S. are under-insulated! Mostly because of insulation issues and volatile weather conditions, I recommend closing windows whenever possible.  If you do want to crack open a window, turn off the A/C.

Air Sealing

Sealing all of our home’s cracks is a must for Americans. Every crack or opening to the outside, therefore, is an opening air can escape out of. This link from demonstrates where leaks are commonly found as well as tips for sealing them. Please do not buy new windows or doors because of common air leaks. Most insulation problems can be solved with caulk or weatherstrips.

Smart Power Strips

Did you know that even if electronics are turned off, they still use electricity when plugged in? Luckily there are devices called smart power strips that help eliminate that. Smart power strips work just like regular power strips but can tell when electronics are in standby mode. In standby mode, smart power strips cut off the electricity to that device.  Less power, more money.

Thermostat Control

One of the rules my parents enforced that still follows me today is don’t touch the thermostat. Running the A/C to fill your entire home at the desired temperature costly. What should be done is to change the A/C  so that it pairs with the temperature outside. For example, if the temperature is hot outside, set the A/C to make the inside warm or maybe neutral. Setting the A/C for cool or cold temperatures will use more energy. It’s even more frugal to use no A/C and use fans or heaters if possible.

Everybody should research programmable thermostats as well. Programmable thermostats use less energy and save time and money.  They are better for temperature regulation for when both at home and away. Check out this link for more information.






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